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Since 1990 our clients have profited from our expertise in getting their textile products in the hands (and on the backs, feet, etc.) of customers.  

ln addition to marketing, we:

  • Conduct research, development, engineering, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) of new products

  • Develop and test sizing systems for clothing and footwear

  • Assist companies in learning how to produce items and sell them to commercial or goverment agencies


Robert R. (Bob) Sarratt

Founder & President

Colonel, US Army Retired

Since age 7, when Bob picked cotton in a neighbor's field, he has been involved in development, manufacturing, and marketing of textile and textile products, working at every level of the industry.  His background includes an MS in Textile Engineering, 20 years in US Government management of textile product development and procurement (four years as the Army Project Manager for Clothing and Individual Equipment), and 31 years in industry.   During those 31 years his company has assisted its clients in achieving over $1.2 billion (USD) in sales and conducted 14 RDDT&E contracts for the US Department of Defense.

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