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Low rate and full production of military clothing and individual equipment:

  • Select the products based on the company's past commercial experience and capabilities

  • Obtain copies of the specifications, patterns, and solicitations

  • Teach them how to make the samples (sitting beside the sample maker if necessary)

  • Select optimum fabric and component vendors

  • Establish the most efficient production line

  • Plan production ramp-up and scheduling to meet delivery requirements

  • Assist in the development of cost and price data that will be acceptable to DoD

  • Review product demonstration models (PDMs) and guide in correcting mistakes

  • Develop the proposal

  • Upon award, participate in post-award conference

  • Develop and implement quality assurance system

  • Monitor pilot lot and first delivery

  • Teach company how to submit invoices to DoD and resolve payment problems

  • Monitoring production and quality throughout their contracts

  • Provide technical and business management guidance and assistance throughout all phases of the sourcing, manufacturing, and delivery operations to final payment by DoD

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